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Final conclusions fixing videos

As many might have noticed this was not as simple as record, take up space and upload. Between codecs, audio syncing, post production on...

Oh boy audio is mean!

I have been working on this video for about 4 days straight now. Between re-syncing within it and trying different codecs and uploading a...

Crack working hard 3

Here we are again, This is gonna take awhile. Having almost 3 hours of footage to work with and no angles to work on...


How To Play PlayStation 1 Games On Your PC

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How to join Cimmarian’s Phantasy Star Online 2 Alliance!

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How to fix, download and play Phantasy Star Online 2

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Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 PC Fixes

Maybe you have already played the PC ports of Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 or you want to pick them up to play some more Final Fantasy games.

Play Phantasy Star Blue Burst Online 100% Free

Phantasy Star Online was one of those games that help shaped online RPGs for consoles forever. You might wonder why it was so good or want to revisit its retro glory.