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Forum Topics

CrackMasterK Webmaster
Cimmarian continues to grow, I like to give so I was wondering what kind of Emoji would... More
CrackMasterK Yesterday, 01:18PM
CrackMasterK Webmaster
Don't get me wrong it is hyped and I find these games play on addictive chains to make... More
CrackMasterK Yesterday, 01:18AM
CrackMasterK Webmaster
When I was really tiny I didn't care what it was as long as it was a video game. Later... More
CrackMasterK Webmaster
I don't really think it's a terrible idea I just think we are so used to 1-5$... More
CiulloCorporation Developer
Greetings, we are a small indie team from Italy, founded and lead by the two... More
CrackMasterK Webmaster
Quote from ShadowStreak imgur, wikipedia, reddit, facebook, my anime list, google,... More
ShadowStreak Gamer
League on my system is 9 GB install, still larger than I would want. But right now dota... More
kabalyero Gamer
never owned a PC back then... the only console that I owned as a kid was the Nintendo... More
Infernal_7i7 Admin
I agree that people that don't know shit are the ones that need a sports game to be... More
CrackMasterK Webmaster
Topic was moved from Console Gaming.
CrackMasterK Webmaster
Topic was moved from PC Gaming.
CrackMasterK Webmaster
I have tons of favorites! Feel free to post some of your own! Enjoy and let me know...
CrackMasterK Webmaster
Quote from jacobcarl How to learn game application development courses. i know one... More
CrackMasterK Webmaster
Topic was moved from Game Mods and Add-ons.

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Cimmarian Charity
YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/cimmarian Extra-Life:http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=...
Comicon Toronto 2017
http://comicontoronto.com/ Come join Cimmarian at 2017's Comicon!
CrackMasterK Mar 17 '17
Anime North 2017
Anime North 2016 will be held at: Toronto Congress CenterInternational Plaza Hotel with addition...
CrackMasterK May 26 '17



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