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Star Wars the Old Republic: Shadow of Revan Expansion for free

This code will unlock the free SWTOR Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan expansions is now working until Nov 1st!

Humble Bundle Neverwinter Pack

Get your hands on the Humble Bundle Neverwinter Pack 100% while supplies last!

Community Gaming 8

See a game you like? Join in on the vote! Play together with all Cimmarians! Presenting the Cimmarian Community Gaming 8!

Streamer Shindig 8

Join in on the vote and help us decide what the community will stream and play together! Presenting Streamer Shindig 8!

Movie Night 8

Join in on the vote and help us decide what show or movie we watch next together! Presenting Cimmarian Movie Night 8!

Cimmarian’s official 7 days to die server!

Cimmarian now has their own dedicated server for 7 Days to Die! So what does this mean? Starting today anyone can join our server, start playing...