Steam Developer & Publisher Homepage

Did you know that Steam offers a Developer & Publisher homepage?

What is it?

On each store page, you can see both the developer and publisher listed to see who you like. You can now follow your favourite developers and publishers to be notified of all their next releases.

What can I do?

Browse the homepage of your favourite developers and publishers to see not only recent and future releases but also past releases. They can list their releases in many different ways including but not limited to, top selling, chronological order, genres and more!

What can they do?

You can opt-in to emails or opt-out. This allows all busy Cimmarians to know about their favourite games even when AFK. After you follow developers and publishers Steam will start to show you more content by them on your storefront.

Why haven’t I heard about this?

Simply put, It’s BETA so this is either something that will take off and work for everyone or Steam will need to figure out new ways to indulge your gaming ways.

Check it out now!




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