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He just threw his nuts at me! – Donkey Kong 3 Episode 1- Gaming...

CrackMasterK and Infernal play Donkey Kong 3 and boy does Infernal not like this game! haha!
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Why are you not rolling that way!? – Marble Madness Episode 1 – Gaming...

Okay! Okay! So CrackMasterK and Infernal kinda suck at retro games! Can you blame them though!? OF COURSE YOU CAN!
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Molestor hug! – Kung Fu Episode 1 – Gaming With Crack

CrackMasterK and Infernal put on their white belts and destroy the competition like a real 80s movie! The truth of the matter is they lose terribly!
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Get to the copper and push the brutton! – Double Dragon 2 Episode 1...

Crack and Infernal try to game Double Dragon 2, Key word "try"! Watch them fail miserably trying to platform, combo and fall to their DOOM!
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You just fart out of your face!? – Donkey Kong 2 Episode 2 –...

CrackMasterK and Infernal continue the assault on Donkey Kong! After the first episodes they don't suck "so" much.
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Jump Man!? More like Fall Man! – Donkey Kong 2 Episode 1 – Gaming...

CrackMasterK and Infernal attempt to take on the sequel of Donkey Kong only to be met by a horrible wall of difficult pain!
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Age Of Empires 2 – In Game Music – Cimmarian Music

Age Of Empires 2 - In Game Music YouTube: 128kbs Patreon: 320kbs Game Song: Age Of Empires 2 In Game Music Version Composer: Kenneth "CrackMasterK" Boxall
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The Last Blade 2 – Player Select – Cimmarian Music

Remastering of The Last Blade 2 - Player Select Youtube: 128kbps Patreon: 320kbs Game Song: The Last Blade 2 - Player Select Version Composer: Kenneth "CrackMasterK" Boxall

The best nes shooter? – Contra – Game Review

Contra has plenty to offer but lacks in depth and story. If you like solid fun with your friends and are looking for a good multiplayer callenge you are looking at the right game. Graphics The graphics...