League Of Legends

League Of Legends









  • Can Use In Game Currency
  • Fun To Play
  • Free To Play


  • Time Consuming
  • Community Toxicity
  • Must Unlock Heroes

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  1. Graphics






    League is a free to play MOBA that still has a lot of people playing it even years after its release, there is no pay to win features and it has over 100 characters you can use each one with skins to customize if you want (the skins needs to be bought with real money tho).

    Over the years after it launch it has had a lot of updates in graphics, characters, in game mechanics, launcher aestethics, and to this day it still keeps being constantly updated with changes to items, characters, etc.

    It has a very active community but some people can get toxic easily, however you can mute people in game and report them, lately Riot has been punishing toxicity in many ways, even by removing the rewards to players that acted with toxicity constantly, and they released the honor system that rewards players that act and play friendly with free stuff.

    They have been remaking the lore of the game and the characters a few times already as they are trying to build a world with a lot of lore and interesting stuff, they have also released many different music videos and good in game soundtracks.

    One of the things of the game is that is constantly changing, characters, items, meta, etc and even tho this makes it that is not always the same, also punishes people that dont play constantly.

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