There are ten different types of plankton, the player interacting with each in a different way. In some situations the player interacts directly with the plankton while in other situations the player manipulates the path traveled by the plankton.

There are two gameplay modes:

  1. Performance – the player creates their own music
  2. Audience – the plankton perform predetermined music, requiring no interaction from the user


The Plankton


  • Tracy – Each tracy has a different sound. Six tracy are controlled by drawing lines with the stylus. Varying the speed and direction of how the path is drawn alters the pitch and tempo. Pressing left on the control pad decreases the global tempo; pressing right increases.
  • Hanenbow The hanenbow are controlled in a plant-like environment. Each hanenbow is launched onto a plant with a series of leaves. The angle of launch and angle of the leaves can be changed to make different sounds. There are multiple plant stages, each involving different plants and launch areas.
  • LuminariaFour luminaria are placed on the corners of a rectangular board. The board is populated with arrows that can be changed via touching with the stylus. The luminaria traverse the board when touched. The red luminaria sounds like a piano, the yellow like a vibraphone, the green a xylophone, and the blue sounds like a celestia.
  • Sun-Animalcule Using the stylus, the player plants seeds that emit light and sound as they grow. Each portion of the field has a different effect on the sun-animalcules and causes different growth and sound.
  • Rec-RecThe four rec-rec swim across the screen in a continuous loop. By touching the rec-rec the player can record a four second sound loop with the microphone, resulting in a maximum of four different tracks playing simultaneously. The speed at which the recording is replayed can be changed by using the control pad.
  • Nanocarp Ripples from the stylus invoke musical notes from sixteen nanocarp. The sound of the nanocarp depends on position. The control pad creates uniform waves. The nanocarp respond to microphone input, arranging themselves in patterns. Different formations arise from different combination’s of blowing, clapping, and singing.
  • Lumiloop Five lumiloop are controlled by spinning them with the stylus. Each emit two different sounds depending on the direction in which they are spun. Regardless of direction and combination, the lumiloop are in permanent harmony.
  • Marine-Snow The marine-snow emit sound when touched. When two are touched in a row they switch places. By pressing Select the marine-snow will organize themselves in different formations.
  • Beatnes The beatnes emit sounds reminiscent of the 8-bit era. Each of the five beatnes have 10 notes: a head, eight diamond-shaped sections, and larger diamond-shaped tail. By touching the sections on each beatnes, the player creates looping melodies. Using all five beatnes results in a layered song.
  • VolvoiceBy touching the volvoice the player can record up to sixteen seconds of sound using the microphone. Transforming the volvoice results in distortions of the recording.
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