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    Back when I played DCUO, I really enjoyed it, I had only 1 issue. You dont play a DC superhero here, you create your own hero. Thats one of the reasons why I liked Marvel Heroes much more. But the game is still nice, many powers to choose from (lots of them are locked behind DLCs, or at least they were when I played it), rich character customization. The game had and I guess it still has a huge problem, its monetization. The f2p accounts are limited to the ground, very limited character slots (2 if I recall correctly), you can have limited amount of money (it was around 2500 credits and thats basically nothing). You have to do at least a 1 month sub or buy a dlc to be upgraded to the next tier, i think it was called premium. There you can have around 6 character slots and more money. So yeah, SOE/Daybreak rly made this game that way, that if you want to enjoy it, you have to invest at least 10$ or euros in it. If they wouldnt lock content behind paid dlcs, i would instantly give 10 points on the content. That minor issue that i have the game, that i have to play my superhero instead of a well known dc hero/villain is nothing compared to their monetization. Its not that that the game isnt worth a 1 time payment, its the intent that they made the game that way, that a f2p doesnt feels like a f2p mmo, it feel more like a trial or demo. Forget player trading on a f2p account.

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