Cimmarian’s official 7 days to die server!

Cimmarian now has their own dedicated server for 7 Days to Die!

So what does this mean?

Starting today anyone can join our server, start playing and join the ranks of fellow Cimmarians. All our servers will be community supported and run.

How do I join?

Make sure to join our Discord server and join the channel #survival-games by typing into #channel-spam !survivalgames once in there users can let you know the password to play!

What do you mean community supported?

All users players can choose to support our server with Patreon! Cimmarian Official Patreon

Apart from keeping the server alive perks will be applied to supporting users on Discord, the server and other platforms as we grow.

Can we get more servers?

Of course however there needs to be support and demand, Servers cost time and money so unfortunately without support from the community the server will not stay alive.

Will there be more slots, mods etc?

Yes, Once support grows slots and mods can be applied as they cost money between more dedicated ram/cpu and each slot costs money.



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