Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Bittrip Runner 2 – Gaming With Crack – Sounds Like A Sex Life To...

Once I hit that 6 minute way to sound like a senior citizen Crack!

Metrico+ – Gaming With Crack – KretsaMkcarC

Here I go again dealing with math my mortal enemy! At least I can kinda read backwards!
Crush Crrushvideo

Crush Crush – Gaming With Crack – Looks like you hurt her pretty bad!

Dating games are weird! I apparently just try to kill them instead of help them.

Superhot – Gaming With Crack – Matrix Bullshit!

I am terrible at Superhot I won't even pretend it was lag or controls

Medusas’s Labyrinth – Gaming With Crack – I Hate This, I Will Kill You!

CrackMasterK picks his first game to test out with, He was not ready for all the least till he was able to kill it!