Age of Mythology: The Titans



As with the original civilizations in Age of mythology, the Atlanteans have their own strengths and attributes along with the choice of three new Major gods. Kronos, Gaia and Oranos. The atlanteans have many new mythical creatures, god powers and units. Such as the humble villager where for the Atlanteans these are very expensive and do not to take resources to a resource drop point but rather have accompanying donkey which collect the resources automatically. The Atlanteans also have the ability to use god powers more than once and have large houses which can accommodate a large population cap


Unlike the other civilizations of Age of Mythology, the Atlanteans create heroes from regular units. The change is instant, and these new hero units have all of the attributes of heroes from other cultures. However the change to a hero costs a significant amount of resources for each unit. Since the heroes are simply created from regular units, it is far easier to mass Atlantean heroes but they have a high cost.


The Atlanteans gather favour through the construction of town centers. Each town center controlled gives a steady stream of favour and the larger of town centres controlled the more favour gathered from each. To accommodate this Atlanteans can build new town centers at an earlier age than the other civilizations.


The Atlanteans can summon a Titan called Chthonian. This is a lava-like creature with large crystals growing out of its back.

Major Gods


Special Bonus:

  • Can Timeshift buildings within own Line of sight
Me Crush now!
Me Crush now!


  • Siege Weapons Cheaper
  • Myth Units Cheaper God Power:
  • Deconstruction – The ability to deconstruct an enemy building, but the resources for that building will go back to your enemy.
  • Focus – Oracle has 10% Speed, -1.0 Seconds LOS Speed.

Minor Gods

  • Classical Age – Leto or Prometheus
  • Heroic Age – Hyperion or Rheia
  • Mythic Age – Helios or Atlas


Special Bonus:

  • All buildings are surrounded by Lush Terrain.
  • Lush terrain can not be built on by enemies.


  • Buildings regenerate HP
  • Fishing ships, Caravans more HP & cheaper
  • Economic bonuses cheaper God Power:
  • Gaia’s Forest – Generates a forest, of which you can harvest from or use as a wall.
  • Channels Ability – 20% Villager Speed.

Minor Gods

  • Classical Age – Leto or oceanus
  • Heroic Age – Rheia or theia
  • Mythic Age – Atlas or Hecate


Special Bonus:

  • Ability to build numerous Sky Passages.


  • Shares visibility to all settlements with allies
  • Human Military Units move faster God Power:
  • Shock wave – Generates a shock wave which stuns enemy units
  • Safe Passage – Sky Passages have -25% wood cost, -20% gold cost, 1 ranged attack and 6 Line of Sight.

Minor Gods

  • Classical Age – Oceanus or Prometheus
  • Heroic Age – Hyperion or Theia
  • Mythic Age – Hecate or Helios

Minor Gods


God Power:

  • Carnivora – Generates plants which eat enemy units.

Myth Unit:

  • Caladria and servants


God Power:

  • Valor – Transforms a group of general units into heroes, instantly.

Myth Unit:

  • Promethean


God Power:

  • Hesperides – Generates a tree where you can create dryads. You may use this God Power twice, yet you can only have a maximum of five dryads in total.

Myth Unit:

  • Stymphalian Bird


God Power:

  • Chaos – Changes the sentiment of a group of enemy units, causing them to attack any units nearby.

Myth Unit:

  • Satyr and Nereid


God Power:

  • Tartarian – Generates a gate to the underworld releasing creatures which attack everybody.

Myth Unit:

  • Lampades


God Power:

  • Vortex – Teleport all military units of a player to another point on the map.

Myth Unit:

  • Man O’War and Hekagigantes

Special Myth Building:

  • Mirror Tower – A tower which harnesses sunshine into laser-like rays.


God Power:

  • Traitor – Converts an enemy unit into a traitor

Myth Unit:

  • Behemoth


God Power:

  • Spider Lair – Spider burrows which attack enemy units

Myth Unit:

  • Automaton

As well as the introduction of the new civilization changed were also made to the existing three. Through the addition of new units and technologies. The ability to build titans was also added to each Civilizations. These are massive mythical creatures with Huge amounts of HP which can level entire towns and large armies of units.

New technologies


Thats one big dude!
Thats one big dude!
  • Beast slayer – Unique units (heroes) have 50% attack against myth units.
  • Titan – The Greek Titan is a huge three headed dog named Cerberus.


  • Axe of muspell – Throwing axeman have 200% attack against flying units
  • Titan – The Titan for the Norse is a large Frost giant named Ymir.


  • Hand of the Pharaoh – Priests can pick up relics, 2 priest range
  • Titan – The Egyptian titan is a Part man part bird creature called Horis

All Civilizations

  • Heroic Fleet – ships have 50% attack against myth units

System Requirements

Requires Age of Mythology to Play

  • Operating System: Windows 98/2000/XP
  • Processor: 450 MHz
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • Hard Drive: 450 MB
  • Video Card: 16MB/3D
  • Other: 32x CD Drive, audio board with speakers/headphones

Online/Multiplayer Requirements

  • 56.6 Kbps or better for internet play
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